VIDEO: A Tip for Backing Up

Backing a vehicle out of a parking space – particularly at a busy shopping center – is one of the riskiest driving maneuvers your fleet drivers make on a regular basis. Here are some safety tips, provided by AAA, you can pass along to drivers to help make the process easier.

  • Before entering the vehicle, check to make sure the path to the rear and sides is clear. Children and objects are often difficult to see from the driver’s seat.
  • Keep your foot firmly on the brake pedal while shifting to reverse.
  • Maintain control by backing the vehicle slowly and being prepared to stop quickly. Your vehicle is much harder to control and stop when backing.
  • Check traffic conditions in all directions – and check all blind areas carefully.
  • Look in the direction you are moving but never concentrate on any one thing to such a degree that you neglect your surroundings.
  • Since you cannot see objects close to the rear or sides when looking out the window, use front and rear windows and inside and outside mirrors when backing a vehicle. Also, check to the front to determine whether the front of the vehicle is tracking in the direction you want it to go.
  • When backing, the rear of the vehicle turns in the direction you turn the steering wheel. If you become confused or disoriented while backing, stop and begin again.

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Originally posted on Automotive Fleet