Photo of 2016 F-150 courtesy of Ford.

Photo of 2016 F-150 courtesy of Ford.

Ford is adding a sport mode to its 2016 F-150 that has been borrowed from the 2016 Mustang, the automaker announced. Ford is offering sport mode as a standard feature across the F-150 lineup.

Sport mode, which can be activated in either rear-wheel or all-wheel-drive mode, changes the frequency of the gearshifts. Instead of shifting gears up and down for peak efficiency, the truck holds lower gears longer to make driving more responsive and spirited, according to Ford. The mode quickens acceleration with less pedal travel.

The F-150’s six-speed automatic transmission can match engine rpm as it downshifts when the truck slows to take a corner. Electronics calibration for this feature has also been adapted from the Mustang, according to Ford.

Sport mode is similar to F-150’s tow/haul mode, which also changes shift points under acceleration, keeping the truck at a higher rpm and further up in the power range while driving over rolling terrain to improve towing. The technology is designed to keep the transmission from shifting into a higher gear when the vehicle crests a hill, and provides downhill brake support that allows engine-compression braking to slow the vehicle and maintain a steady speed.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet