Photo courtesy of GPS Insight.

Photo courtesy of GPS Insight.

GPS Insight has released the GPS Insight Fleet Card powered by WEX to simplify management of fuel purchases and reduce fuel fraud, according to the company.

The GPS Insight Fleet will also make fueling controls and reports available to any size fleet, a benefit that has historically only available to large fleets.

"Fuel card transaction data when combined with GPS-based location data and vehicle ECU data enables highly sophisticated reporting that will identify suspicious fill-ups, unauthorized card usage, and vehicles with mechanical problems," said Harold Leitner, vice president of business development for GPS Insight. "The GPS Insight Vehicle Tracking Solution includes multiple fueling reports that validate authorized fill-ups and monitors vehicle fuel consumption."

The GPS Insight Fuel Transaction Report offers several data points to identify suspicious fueling activity. This report confirms whether the vehicle associated with a given fuel card was at the fueling location at the time of the fueling transaction. It also identifies scenarios where the amount of fuel purchased exceeds the tank capacity. In situations where vehicle ECU data is available, the report will also reflect the vehicle's tank level before and after the fueling transaction.

The GPS Insight Fuel Usage Report combines fuel transaction data from the GPS Insight Fleet Card with miles driven and engine odometer from the GPS Insight Vehicle Tracking Solution to calculate highly accurate miles-per-gallon.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet