Hino Trucks will begin offering its preventive service care program HinoCare on its conventional, non-cabover medium-duty models, including the 238, 258, 268, and 338.

The conventional program of HinoCare features two sellable programs, including an eight-service and 12-service version on 2015-model-year and newer trucks. HinoCare will be offerred in addition to a 5-year or 250,000-mile engine warranty and three years of roadside assistance through HinoWatch.

Already backed by an industry leading 5-year or 250,000 mile engine warranty and 3 years of roadside assistance coverage through HinoWatch. HinoCare is offered through Hino's network of more than 220 certified servicing dealers.

Hino Trucks introduced HinoCare in June of 2013 for its 195 diesel model trucks. It was initially offered as a two-year or 60,000-mile service program for 195 and 195 double cab trucks.

Originally posted on Trucking Info