Kelley Platt. Photo: DTNA

Kelley Platt. Photo: DTNA

Kelley Platt, president of Western Star Trucks, has been assigned the additional responsibility to serve as Daimler Trucks North America's chief diversity officer and member of the company’s Operating Committee.

The primary purpose of the chief diversity officer’s position is to ensure alignment of diversity and inclusion strategies with organizational goals, according to the DTNA announcement.

“Great companies are great places to work for all employees, and DTNA embodies the concept that diverse ideas are the basis of our future success,” said DTNA President and CEO Martin Daum. “Kelley has served DTNA in numerous senior leadership roles since 1989; her commitment to employees and to diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of the company’s future.”

“Diversity is an integral component of every successful company,” said Platt. “Further ingraining diversity into our culture will enable DTNA to attract talented individuals who bring a wide range of perspectives to our company’s culture."

Platt's role also has expanded to include executive oversight of the Western Star Truck Manufacturing Plant in Portland, Oregon. DTNA says her "perspective and insights on managing teams and her leadership on diversity and inclusion topics will be significant assets in this expanded role."

Earlier this month, DTNA settled a $40,000 settlement in an EEOC retaliation lawsuit.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commision's suit, April Holt worked at Daimler's Mt. Holly, N.C., plant as a truck assembler. The EEOC alleged that around Dec. 5, 2012, a male co-worker of Holt's touched her buttocks inappropriately and Holt complained to the company. The next day, Daimler made the decision to discharge Holt. The EEOC argued that Holt was fired because she complained about what she reasonably believed was sexual harassment.

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