GE Capital Fleet Services has contracted with Verizon Networkfleet to offer its customers an electronic truck compliance system to satisfy upcoming electronic hours of service (eHOS) regulation requirements.

This additional telematics product offering, which is made available through a partnership with J.J. Keller & Associates Inc. and Verizon Networkfleet, will provide companies, including those with medium-duty fleets, with new enhancements including electronic hours of service and driver vehicle inspection reports for their trucking operations.



“Truck fleets are subject to more regulations, so we are pleased to provide our customers with this technology,” said Kim Clark, telematics products manager, GE Capital Fleet Services. “This solution makes it easy for our customers to log driver activity that may soon be required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.” 

The electronic truck compliance system is part of a suite of offerings included in the GE Capital Fleet Services’ Telematics Monitor (“Monitor”) product. Monitor provides location and diagnostic information as well as specialty applications like Trip Assignment ID, which tracks vehicle activities through individual driver login.

“It is important that we keep expanding our telematics offerings to meet our customers’ needs, and we know electronic truck compliance will benefit our clients with trucking fleets,” said Clark.