Photo courtesy of Crane Carrier.

Photo courtesy of Crane Carrier.

Crane Carrier Co. and Paccar Inc. are both recalling various truck models so Cummins can perform repairs on the Cummins Westport ISL G natural gas engines to eliminate a potential fire risk, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported.

In these trucks, excessive engine crankcase pressures may cause the 90-degree elbow of the vent tube assembly to detach from the crankcase ventilation breather, NHTSA said. This might allow engine oil to come into contact with a hot surface and pose a fire risk.

Cummins service centers will perform the repairs, which include securing the ends of the 90-degree elbow. They will also reprogram the electronic control module (ECM) with software that can adjust the engine output under misfire conditions to limit crankcase pressures. There will be no charge for these repairs.

The Paccar recall includes 4,823 2010-2016 model-year Kenworth T440, T800 and W900 trucks manufactured Aug. 31, 2009, to April 20 of this year. Also included are 2008-2015-MY Peterbilt 320, 337, 348, 365, 382 and 384 trucks manufactured July 27, 2007, to April 28 of this year.

The Crane Carrier recall includes 630 2008-2015-MY COE, LDT2 and LET2 trucks manufactured Feb. 25, 2008, to May 20 of this year.

Truck owners can reach Crane Carrier at (918) 836-1651, Cummins at (800) 343-7357, Kenworth at (425) 828-5000, and Peterbilt at (940) 591-4000.