Photo: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Photo: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has given the Outlander PHEV and Outlander improvements to the powertrain, body and chassis to deliver better quietness, acceleration, handling and stability, ride, and fuel economy, according to the automaker.

The new Outlander went on sale on June 18 and Outlander PHEV will go on sale on July 9 at dealerships throughout Japan.

The manufacturer’s suggested sales price (including consumption tax) for the new Outlander PHEV and Outlander models will be from ¥3,596,400 to ¥4,590,000 and from ¥2,519,640 to ¥3,211,920 respectively.

For the Outlander PHEV, optimization of the plug-in hybrid EV system control and reduction in engine friction have improved fuel economy by 1.6 km/L to 20.2 km/L measured in the Japanese JC08 drive mode. In addition, improvements to electric motor efficiency have increased all-electric range by 0.6 km to 60.8 km, also based on JC08 mode.Hybrid fuel economy and all-electric range for the G Premium Package are 20.2 km/L and 60.2 km respectively, according to the automaker

For the Outlander, an all-new CVT transmission and optimization of the cooperative control system between engine and CVT have improved fuel economy by 0.8 km/L to 16.0 km/L in two-wheel drive models and by 0.2 km/L to 14.6 km/L in four-wheel drive models based on JC08 mode, according to the automaker.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet