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A reported 70 percent of drivers use their smartphones while behind the wheel, according to a new study from AT&T. Texting is not the only activity smartphones users are engaging in while driving. An estimated four out of every 10 drivers are browsing social media, three out of 10 are on the internet and one out of 10 is video chatting, according to the study.

The survey polled those between the ages of 16 and 65. Out of those polled 27 percent of drivers said they use Facebook and 17 percent said they take selfies.The study shows that texting and emailing are still the most prevalent driver distractions, but the use of other smartphone activities is on the rise, in particular social media engagement. One out of every seven drivers admitted to using Twitter while behind the wheel, according to the report.

Automakers are introducing infotainment systems with connected-car technologies include smartphone features, but allow the drivers to use voice commands. However, even with the in-car technology, smartphone use is still prevalent. Sixty-two percent of people keep their smartphones within easy reach while driving. Some surveyed stated using social networks while driving is an addiction.

Smartphone Use While Driving

  • Text (61%)
  • Email (33%)
  • Web Browsing (28%)
  • Facebook (27%)
  • Selfies (17%)
  • Twitter (14%) and Instagram(14%) 
  • Shoot a Video (12%)
  • Snapchat (11%)
  • Video Chat (10%)

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