Jesse Ball, Becky Brill, Jeffrey Ferrell, and Frances Crowley Yuronich have joined the ranks of the nation’s leading transportation professionals.

The four J. J. Keller associates received Certified Transportation Professional (CTP) designation by the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) during the 2015 Education Management Conference and Exhibition on April 27.

Gary Petty, NPTC president and CEO, said that CTP status is one of the most prestigious and widely-respected professional credentials in the truck and transportation industry.

“Successful graduates have passed rigorous experience qualification, training, and examination standards covering the core disciplines, best practices, skills and knowledge found in private fleet management operating at world-class levels,” Petty said. “CTPs are raising industry standards, and in turn, increasing the respect and prestige of the fleet and transportation profession.”

The four J. J. Keller associates were eligible to begin the certification process based on their fleet management/supplier experience, formal education, active participation in the fleet/transportation community, and continued pursuit of education.

The CTP certification process includes a curriculum focusing on the knowledge, skills and abilities essential to successful fleet-transportation management, categorized into five core areas: operations, finance, human resources, safety and vehicle and equipment maintenance. The program also includes an exam with case study review and analysis.

Since the CTP designation was first introduced in 1993, more than 1,100 fleet and transportation professionals have earned the right to use the CTP credential. J. J. Keller associates Aric Thoreson and Jason Goodrich received the CTP designation in 2014.