Photo of 2014 Ford Fusion courtesy of Ford.

Photo of 2014 Ford Fusion courtesy of Ford.

Ford Motor Co. is recalling 389,585 Ford Fusion, Ford Fiesta and Lincoln MKZ cars in North America so dealers can replace the door latches, the automaker said.

The recall affects certain 2012-2014 model-year Fiesta vehicles, 2013-2014 Fusion vehicles and 2013-2014 Lincoln MKZ vehicles.

The problem is tied to the door latch’s pawl spring tab, which might break. If the pawl spring tab breaks, the door may not latch or may be at risk for unlatching unexpectedly while the vehicle is in operation.

“Ford is aware of two allegations of soreness resulting from an unlatched door bouncing back when the customer attempted to close it, and one accident allegation when an unlatched door swung open and struck an adjacent vehicle as the driver was pulling into a parking space,” the company said in a released statement.

Dealers will replace all four car door latches at no cost to the customer.

A total of 336,873 of the vehicles are in the U.S., and 30,198 are in Canada. The remaining 22,514 are in Mexico.

The Fusion and Lincoln MKZ vehicles were built at the Hermosillo Assembly Plant. The Fiesta cars were manufactured at the Cuautitlán Assembly Plant.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet