In a resolution marking March 31, 2015, as National Lineman Appreciation Day throughout Ohio, Gov. John R. Kasich and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor encouraged all Ohioans to join in recognizing the efforts of linemen in keeping the power on and protecting public safety.

Ohio Senate President Keith Faber (R-Celina) and State Sen. Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati) signed a letter from the Ohio Senate recognizing National Lineman Appreciation Day, declaring it only appropriate to pay tribute to linemen throughout Ohio and across the country for their tremendous contributions to communities.

In a Letter of Commendation from the Ohio House of Representatives, Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) and State Rep. Timothy Derickson (R-Oxford) saluted Duke Energy for its recognition of National Lineman Appreciation Day. They further lauded the lineman vocation, noting that the enthusiasm and devotion to duty of these men and women have earned them the respect and gratitude of the communities they so capably serve.

“Duke Energy linemen put their lives on the line every day with little recognition from the general public. It’s only appropriate that we pay tribute to linemen throughout Ohio for their tremendous contributions to our communities in recognition of National Lineman Appreciation Day,” said Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley.

More than 5,000 line workers are part of the Duke Energy family. They, along with thousands of contract line workers, construct, operate and maintain equipment and more than 295,000 miles of power lines that deliver electricity to more than 7 million customers across its service territories.

To participate in honoring line workers and their families across the country, use the hashtag #thankalineman in social media. But more importantly, if you see a line worker, thank them for their service.