American Power Group Corporation announced its subsidiary, American Power Group Inc. (APG) has shipped out of backlog, an order valued at over $200,000 received from Caribbean Power Group S.R.L, its authorized dealer and certified installer in the Dominican Republic, to convert 38 additional heavy-duty trucks to operate on APG's Turbocharged Natural Gas dual fuel system.

While the end customer and the exact value of the order were not disclosed for proprietary reasons, the end customer is a global leader in the building materials industry with a presence in more than 50 countries and a strong commitment to integrating sustainability initiatives into its global business strategy.

Milton Zarzuela, president of Caribbean Power Group, reiterated, "We have been working with this customer on the pilot order for a long time to validate field performance, economic payback and the emission reduction benefits of APG's dual fuel solution and are pleased that we have finalized all elements necessary to begin the conversion process. Based on data obtained during the initial field evaluation phase, our customer estimates a potential aggregate annual net fuel savings of over U.S. $600,000 per year from the conversion of a total of 40 units."

Zarzuela added, "Our customer has verbally indicated they are still interested in converting more of their local 200 truck fleet to APG's dual fuel system over the coming year. We are also considering entering natural gas fuel supply agreements with our client's suppliers, who operate more than 700 trucks as an incentive to begin adoption of APG's dual fuel solution. We estimate that there are over 20,000 heavy duty trucks currently operating in the Dominican Republic and believe we now have a blueprint on how to expand natural gas into our domestic heavy-duty truck market."

Lyle Jensen, president of American Power Group, added, "We applaud the tenacity and leadership of Caribbean Power Group for managing through an effective and lengthy evaluation and approval process resulting in the largest single customer production order we've had to date. As a result of the positive results of our dual fuel solution and the groundwork laid by the Caribbean Power Group team locally, we are in multiple pilot order discussions with several other locations of this global leader in both Central and South America."

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