Actsoft, Inc. has agreed to a two-year commitment with U.S. Cellular that will allow its customers who manager fleet vehicles to access the company's Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions.

Actsoft is the first vendor to provide business customers of U.S. Cellular the ability to track a fleet of vehicles, automate their business, go paperless, and keep tabs on assets. Actsoft's suite of applications benefits businesses of any size across a range of industries.

U.S. Cellular business customers can choose from several Actsoft solutions, including Comet EZ — a web-based GPS tracking and time-keeping solution.

Comet Tracker is a more robust, client-based solution with web access. It provides order entry dispatch, landmark alerts, geo-fencing, basic wireless forms, signature and photo capture, alerts, and strong reporting capabilities.

Comet Mobile Worker includes Comet Tracker's features, plus calendars, automated customer communications, work order/invoice updating from the field, and work order sequencing.

Comet Fleet is a high-performance GPS tracking solution specialized in monitoring the day-to-day activities of fleet vehicles. In addition to location, Comet Fleet keeps track of idle times, speeding violations, and hard acceleration/deceleration. Comet Fleet is available in a cloud- or enterprise-based solution.

Advanced Wireless Forms is a web-based form generator that replaces paper forms with electronic forms. AWF is deployed to mobile employees, can be accessed on and offline, and can be stored on device. AWF also features a report analysis tool used to compile data in a detailed report.

The company's location-based solutions combine the strength of GPS and wireless technology for location and time tracking, vehicle and asset mapping, direct job dispatching, and wireless invoicing.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet