Fleetmatics Group and Meineke will begin offering a promotion that will leverage Fleetmatics' Service Alert maintenance reminder to present a local Meineke offer to nearby Fleetmatics customers.

The Fleetmatics SaaS platform keeps track of mileage and maintenance schedules of each service vehicle that is tracked by customers who use the solution. When service is due on a vehicle the SaaS platform generates a service alert that is delivered to the fleet manager within the Fleetmatics solution, or by email. Alerts will trigger a Meineke offer for a free service that can be redeemed at the local Meineke shop.

Regular vehicle maintenance helps reduce the total cost of ownership over the life span of any car or truck. This is an important consideration for fleets that need to keep their vehicles running in optimum operating condition for both their employees' safety and delivering reliable services to their customers.

The new program will be initially introduced in three states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. It will be offered specifically to Fleetmatics' customers that operate 25 vehicles or less and are located within 10 miles of a Meineke shop.