Wm. Craig Bonham, Reading Truck Body's vice president of Business Development, has been elected to the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA)'s Board of Trustees as a manufacturer representative. The new board was introduced during the recent Work Truck Show. Trustees are elected for three-year terms.

Bonham views three areas as key to the growth and sustainability of the work truck industry: recruitment and training, market intelligence, and communications. "Like other industries, ours is an aging workforce that holds a wealth of experience and knowledge. But, many are rapidly reaching their retirement years. One of my main focuses during my term will be promoting the recruitment and training of our next generation of specialists," said Bonham. "I'll continue to champion the benefits of market data as a driver in developing strategies and implementing initiatives that support NTEA and our industry. IN addition, accurate and timely communication is key across our entire channel, and that, too, is an area where I will focus."

He will serve on the Data Committee, Services Committee, and By-Laws Task Force.

Bonham has spent 32 years in the work truck industry, starting with a sales position at Hardcastle - Alexander Dealerships in 1982. Following a brief period as trainer for Chairman's Challenge at Chrysler Corporation in 1990, Bonham became the general manager at Ken Wallace Dealerships. He has been with Reading Truck Body since 1998.