Navajo Express has selected and deployed SambaSafety's comprehensive driver safety solution to manage and track the performance of its more than 800 commercial (CDL) drivers nationwide.

SambaSafety gives Navajo Express the ability to proactively address federal CDL safety and compliance issues by continuously monitoring individual driving record data, automatically identifying new violations and incidents, and alerting Navajo's management to the most critical driver issues, according to SambaSafety.

"Our vision at Navajo is to meet a much higher benchmark for driver safety than even Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) regulations require — and SambaSafety has helped us realize that goal while markedly reducing costs," said Allen Lowry, vice president of safety and security for Navajo Express. "With this comprehensive information, we can focus on better serving our customers though driver retention and safety incentive programs, thereby limiting our out-of-service (OOS) incidents."

In the first two months after deployment, Navajo Express said it realized a 24-percent improvement in its CSA Driver Fitness Percentile and Measurement score. This improvement is the result of SambaSafety's ability to quickly identify at-risk drivers, enabling Navajo to immediately address any safety or compliance issues. In addition, using SambaSafety also has had an immediate impact on driver retention rates and lowering the costs associated with OOS issues — producing a return on investment 10 months sooner than anticipated, according to SambaSafety.

"The federal government sets minimum safety requirements," noted Richard Crawford, chief executive officer, SambaSafety. "However, Navajo Express chooses to go beyond the minimum requirements and uses SambaSafety's solutions to achieve its vision for driver safety. We are proud to help Navajo Express realize its goals, while also lowering the risks and costs associated with managing driver performance."