Photo courtesy of Microsoft.

Photo courtesy of Microsoft.

Ford is renewing a partnership with Microsoft to expand its car connectivity services with a new cloud-based network called Microsoft Azure, after cutting ties last year with the software giant.

The Ford Service Delivery Network will be an update to the Sync 3 infotainment system wirelessly, reports Reuters. Microsoft Azure will provide owners the ability to start their cars remotely, find their vehicle, update car software over-the-air and get a vehicle status report about fuel or charge level and tire pressure, says Microsoft.

Data collected from the cloud will also help Ford gather information about how drivers are using their vehicles, Ford's Executive Director of Connected Vehicle and Services Don Butler told Reuters.

The technology will also provide information about when it might be time for car maintenance.

Ford introduced Sync 3 in December of last year. The automaker announced the new infotainment system would replace the MyFord Touch. When Ford rolled out its new BlackBerry QNX communications system that can be found in 2015 and 2016 models, it cut ties with Microsoft.

Some of the features from the Sync 3 update include a touch screen similar to a smartphone allowing drivers to swipe and zoom in on maps, an improved 911 Assist system, and a more conversational voice search.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet