Photo: Nissan

Photo: Nissan

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of the all-new NV100 Clipper and NV100 Clipper Rio. They will go on sale on March 3 at Nissan dealers throughout Japan.

The all-new NV100 Clipper, which was first releases in 2003, and NV100 Clipper Rio, which was first released in 2007, take Nissan’s commercial vehicle one step further, now armed with improved fuel efficiency, thanks in part to the implementation of a new engine and lighter body and innovative new safety equipment that includes forward emergency braking and emergency assist for pedal misapplication, according to the automaker.

The NV100 Clipper is equipped with a 5-speed Auto Gear Shift (5AGS) and its 5-speed manual counterpart have achieved the “2015 Fuel Economy Standard” and meets the “SU-LEV certification by emitting 75 percent fewer exhaust emissions than in 2005,” making them the only vehicles in their respective classes eligible for tax breaks under Japan’s Environmentally Friendly Automobile Promotion Tax System, resulting in lowered automobile acquisition tax and automobile weight tax, according to the automaker.

Both models are supplied by Suzuki Motor Corporation as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supply vehicles.

The NV100 Clipper Japan market sales target is 1,500 units per month. Prices range of the NV100 Clipper from 951,480 yen to 1,497,960 yen, including consumption tax. The NV100 Clipper Rio version’s Japan market sales target is 250 units per month. Prices range of the NV100 Clipper Rio from 1,605,960 yen to 1,821,960 yen, including consumption tax.

Among the new features for both models are:

  • Implementation of the new-model engine, “R06A,” which features variable valve-timing on the intake valves to improve low- and mid-range torque. This addition results in better acceleration and enhanced uphill driving performance.
  • By utilizing High Tensile Strength Steel and Ultra High Tensile Strength Steel for key areas of the body, collision safety and overall stability have been improved, while reducing the vehicle’s weight by 40kg (the DX 5MT model).

NV100 Clipper will also feature:

  • A 5-speed manual gearbox serving as its foundation, the new AGS transmission automatically operates the clutch and shifts (available on all trim levels except the GX Turbo). Vehicles equipped with AGS offer fuel economy of 19.0km/L for 4WD models and 20.2km/L for 2WD variants.

NV100 Clipper Rio also features:

  • An R06A intercooled turbocharged engine. Mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission, the NV100 Clipper Rio returns a fuel economy of 16.2km/L for 2WD models and 14.6km/L for those with 4WD.

The NV100 Clipper cargo area features:

  • Cargo space boasting overall dimensions of 1910mm, 1385mm and 1240mm (length, width and height), the NV100 Clipper sees an increase of 210mm, 25mm and 45mm, respectively, from previous models (measured with two passengers onboard). Thanks to this new cavernous interior, various items such as beer cases, large cardboard boxes, tatami mats, and bread cases can be efficiently loaded and transported (figures are for the DX High-Roof Model).
  • Large sliding doors and a large rear door opening make the NV100 Clipper extremely simple to access the NV100 Clipper’s cargo space.
  • Large sliding doors and a large rear door opening.
  • Front passenger seat incline mechanism has been added for ease in loading long objects.
  • Luggage Utility Nuts are placed for customers to personalize cargo space for their convenience.
  • Comes with the Overhead Shelf (standard on the DX GL Package, GX, and GX Turbo) for ease and accessibility of various items.

The NV100 Clipper Rio cargo area features: 

  • Cargo space measuring 2240mm, 1355mm and 1420mm (length, width and height), which is an increase of 195mm, 50mm and 35mm, respectively, from the previous models equipped with the higher roof.
  • Various seat arrangements are available for loading bicycles and other long objects. They can even be arranged into a full-flat “bed” for those times when you want to take a quick nap in the vehicle.
  • Storage space includes instrument tray, overhead console and center dash panel storage bin.

Advanced technologies available on the NV100 Clipper, NV100 Clipper Rio include:

  • Forward Emergency Braking utilizes an infrared laser radar for forward vehicle recognition that alerts the driver of collision with warning signals, and also assists with either the prevention or reduction in collision damage through automatic emergency braking.
  • Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication helps reduce accidents when drivers may mistake the brake for the accelerator or press down on the accelerator too strongly, resulting in collisions with nearby vehicles, walls or pedestrian. The system engages when the vehicle is stopped or traveling at 10km/h or less.
  • VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) with TCS functions increases stability of the vehicle through automatic braking and control of engine output when handling the vehicle on slippery roads or during evasive emergency handling to avoid obstacles.
  • Emergency Stop Signal alerts vehicles behind the driver with automatic lighting of hazard lights upon sudden braking while driving.
  • Hill Start Assist prevents the vehicle from rolling back down an incline by temporarily 
  • activating the brakes (maximum of 2 seconds) when moving your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal during launch.

Other key safety and environmental technologies available on the NV100 Clipper and NV100 Clipper Rio include:

  • Multi-reflector halogen headlights, equipped with manual headlight levelizer (standard on all NV100 Clipper)
  • Xenon headlights, low beam/equipped with auto headlight levelizer (standard on all NV Clipper Rio)
  • Heated door mirror (standard on all NV Clipper and NV100 Clipper Rio 4WD models)
  • Power-folding remote-controlled colored door mirror, with side under mirror attachment.
  • standard on all NV100 Clipper GX, GX Turbo, and NV100 Clipper Rio)

Standard on all NV100 Clipper GX, GX Turbo, and NV100 Clipper Rio models include:

  • High Mount Stop Lamp (all vehicles)
  • Rear windshield wipers, with washers (all vehicles)
  • Front ventilated disc brake (standard on all NV100 Clipper Rio)
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) + EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution)
  • Forward Emergency Braking 
  • Emergency assist for pedal misapplication
  • VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control with TCS functions) 
  • Light-weight shock-absorbent body
  • Driver’s seat double pretensioner seatbelt with load limiter (all vehicles)
  • Passenger seat double pretensioner seatbelts with load limiter (all vehicles)
  • All seats with ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) 3-point seatbelts (all vehicles)
  • Driver’s seat and passenger seat SRS airbag system (all vehicles)

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