VIDEO: Sharing the Road With Snow Plow Trucks

It’s official: Boston has set a record for the most snowfall recorded in a 30-day period.

Over the past 30 days, the city has recorded more than 69 inches of snow, shattering the previous record of 58.8 inches from Jan. 9 to Feb. 7 in 1978.

So it's only fitting that this week's safety tip is about sharing the road safely with snow plow trucks. You might want to pass this advice along to fleet drivers as a friendly reminder.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation offers these tips:

  • Keep your distance and don’t assume plow drivers can see you. Their field of vision is limited. In addition to the blind spots of a traditional car, the snow that a snow plow stirs up may also limit the driver’s visibility. To be safe, stay 70 feet (four car lengths) from the plow truck so the driver can see you.
  • Use extreme caution when passing a plow. Attempting to pass a plow truck can be extremely dangerous. The wing plow blades of any given truck can extend 2 to 10 feet beyond the width of the truck, and they are often hard to see because of the snow they push to the sides while plowing. If you must pass, make sure the driver is aware of your intentions. Remember that snow plows push snow to the right, so avoid passing them on this side.
  • Turn on your lights. See and be seen by keeping your headlights on while driving in the snow. 

To take a quiz on sharing the road with snow plows, click here. To watch a video from KWWL Channel 7 in Iowa, click on the link or photo below the headline. The state has seen an unsettling spike in collisions involving snow plow trucks this year.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet