Waxie Sanitary Supply, a family-owned distributor of sanitary maintenance supplies, has improved safety by 44 percent as a result of using the video-based safety program from SmartDrive Systems, according to SmartDrive.

Waxie's fleet is being outfitted with SmartDrive Assurance, a configurable program that empowers fleets to focus on its top priority collision risks, including those caused by backing, unintended lane changes, rollovers, and close following from passenger vehicles, according to SmartDrive.

After switching from a competitive solution, Waxie has already improved its safety score by 44 percent and decreased other key risk metrics, including reducing driver speeding by 57.5 percent, mobile phone usage by 25 percent, and seatbelt violations by 72.2 percent.

Waxie manages about 135 rolling assets. About two-thirds of the vehicles are double-axel bobtails (box trucks), while the remainder of the fleet is made up of tractor trailer combos and cargo delivery vans.

Waxie drivers encounter varying environments along their routes, and the company needed a safety system that would be versatile enough to address the driver and their specific driving environment, including identifying attentiveness and drowsy driving for over-the-road situations, and protection from not-at-fault claims in congested, urban driving, according to SmartDrive.

The platform provides an extended recording capability beyond a 20-second clip, and allows Waxie to capture more information around incidents, while gaining deeper insights into compliance and safety issues. This complements the organization's 800 call-in line and enables Waxie to investigate complaints, better identify coaching opportunities and prevent future situations from recurring, according to SmartDrive.