NTN's Q'Mo has the ability to move laterally.  Photo: NTN Corporation

NTN's Q'Mo has the ability to move laterally. Photo: NTN Corporation

NTN Corporation has announced that it's Q'mo electric vehicle, which is capable of pivot turns and lateral moves has received a license plate in Japan. The vehicle will be used to demonstrate the capabilities that the new-era microcompact electric commuter is capable of, which conventional vehicles are not, while also expanding applications of the In-wheel Motor System and newly developed steering system.

In 2011, NTN first unveiled the Q'mo I, a compact, two-seater electric commuter concept model powered with the In-wheel Motor which was planned and produced solely by young employees and female engineers. A joystick was used to control the proprietary four-wheel independent steering system to highlight the advantage of futuristic vehicles by demonstrating the impressive “pivot turn” and “lateral move” features of the In-wheel Motor drive system.

In 2013, NTN announced the two-seater electric commuter Q'mo II, which was capable of urban driving. NTN proposed the “Multi Driving System” consisting of the In-wheel Motor System and a newly developed steering system, as a new drive system capable of driving safely as well as offering new types of movement.

Steps were taken to register the Q'mo II equipped with the Multi Driving System, and as a result, NTN acquired a light vehicle license plate for the EV mobility Q'mo. 

NTN said it will continue to develop new markets for this new-era EV mobility “Q'mo” that can easily change direction on narrow roads or parallel park, as well as propose its underlying “Multi Driving System” and work together with manufacturers of completed vehicles and companies involved in the development of compact EV and personal mobility.

Test drive events will be held around the country to develop new applications for the Q'mo. 

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet