Photo of 2015 F-150 courtesy of Ford.

Photo of 2015 F-150 courtesy of Ford.

Six light-duty trucks made the list of the top 10 vehicles selling for over $50,000 through the first 11 months of the year with the Ford F-Series topping a list released by TrueCar.

The Ford F-Series is also the best-selling and highest-revenue model line in the U.S. auto industry. Ford will book revenue from the F-Series of approximately $10.8 billion, according to TrueCar.

Fiat Chrysler’s Ram pickups took second place with an estimated 76,266 units sold so far in 2014.

“Conventional wisdom says German premium brands would dominate the list of top-selling vehicles over $50,000," said John Krafcik, TrueCar's president. "The reality is that this price segment of the market is dominated by American pickups and SUVs sold through non-premium brand dealers."

Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the third ranking vehicle with a $50,000 sticker price with a large gap from second to third place. Fiat Chrysler sold 360,294 more units than the E-Class.

Improvements in the economy, cheap credit, and lower gas prices have been driving increased demand for trucks and luxury vehicles. Total sales of high-priced models should exceed 1 million units.

"It wasn't so long ago that $30,000 was considered an important pricing threshold and the province of premium brands," Krafcik said. "A better economy, cheaper gasoline and improving vehicle quality have changed that. Now, with over a million new vehicle sales transacting over $50,000, it's fair to say '50 is the new 30.'"

Top Ten Models by Volume Transacting Over $50,000

1. Ford F-Series
2. Ram Pickup
3. Mercedes Benz E-Class
4. Chevrolet Tahoe
5. Chevrolet Silverado
6. BMW 5-Series
7. Chevrolet Suburban
8. Mercedes Benz M-Class
9. BMW X5
10. GMC Sierra

Editor's note: Story updated Dec. 11, 2014, with complete list.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet