The City of Sturgis, Mich.’s Electric Department went head to head with the Fire Department Nov. 7 in their first “Bucket Challenge,” a fun event designed to raise money for St. Joseph County United Way.

Beginning at 9 a.m. that Friday, city employees spent 30 minutes in either an electric truck bucket or in the fire department’s ladder-truck bucket. They then solicited pledges over the phone. Even the City Mayor Ken Malone participated in the event, according to the City’s Facebook page.

The City of Sturgis promoted the event on its Facebook page, including a movie-like trailer. Throughout the event, the City continued to post status updates with more than $14,000 raised in six hours. In total, the two departments raised  more than $16,000 through donations and a silent auction, according to the Sturgis Journal.

In addition, the United Way received a donation of $4,000 from Greg Persing to be used for the K-9 fund. A list of individuals who donated was posted on the Facebook page as well.

The winners of the challenge -- the Fire Department -- had their fire trucks washed by the Electric Department the following Monday.

The Electric Department has served the Sturgis area since its inception in 1896, according to the department’s website. Today, the department serves over 7,200 customers within the City of Sturgis and other parts of St. Joseph County.