Photo courtesy of Navistar.

Photo courtesy of Navistar.

Net orders for Class 5-7 trucks in November fell 4 percent compared to October net orders, according to ACT Research.

Net orders totaled 17,500 during November. “November’s medium-duty orders were down 4% compared to last November and fell 22% below October’s strong intake," said Kenny Vieth, ACT's president and senior analyst. "Through YTD, Classes 5-7 net orders have been booked at a 218,400 unit annual rate."

Tam also says truck demand typically is up by 20 percent or more in October and falls at least 10 percent in November, said Steve Tam, ACT's vice president for commercial vehicles.

"October’s strength was due to better than expected demand as a result for trucks and much of the drop in the November data is the result of the absence of that strong demand," Tam said.

With the exception of November, sales for Class 5-7 trucks have been strong for the past three months.


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