Tata ULTRA.  Photo: Tata Motors

Tata ULTRA. Photo: Tata Motors

Tata is offering a new range of its ULTRA range of trucks in Sri Lanka. The new Tata ULTRA range of trucks will come in three variants with payload capacity between 2.5 to 6 tons.

With its contemporary design, the ULTRA range comes packed with new generation aggregates such as the reliable Tata engine, all new aluminium housing gearbox and clutch and driver-centric features, including disc brakes, radial tyres, spacious cabin, suspended seats, AC option, according to the company. On the interior, the Tata ULTRA range will come with a hydraulic 45 degree tiltable cabin, with sufficient storage capacity and features like dash-mounted gear lever, AC provision and a new generation instrument cluster.

The Tata ULTRA truck comes with a chassis with bolted design for increased modularity. The range is equipped with disc brakes for increased safety and tubeless radial tires for increased fuel efficiency, besides better road grip and gradual deflation in the event of puncture, according to the company.

An enhanced power steering system with drooping characteristics enables vehicle stability at high speeds. The Tata ULTRA also comes with a comfortable seating for three, front parabolic suspension for increased comfort, new generation head and tail lamps, integrated with LEDs. The trucks come with a 3 yr/ 300000 km vehicle warranty, and 24×7 roadside assistance.

The Tata ULTRA 612, Tata ULTRA 812 and Tata ULTRA 912 are the first three models from the ULTRA range which are being launched in the Sri Lanka market.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet