Photo of Lexus LS courtesy of Toyota.

Photo of Lexus LS courtesy of Toyota.

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. has begun recalling approximately 423,000 2006-2011 model-year Lexus vehicles, including the LS sedan, for possible fuel leaks.

The recall covers the 2007-2010 LS; 2006-2011 GS; 2006-2011 IS; 2010 IS C; and 2008-2010 IS-F.

In these vehicles, the fuel delivery pipes in the engine compartment have a plating that’s designed to protect against corrosion. Some of the pipes could have been produced with plating particles on the gasket-seating surface where the fuel pressure sensor is installed. In this condition, the sealing property of the gasket seated between the pressure sensor and the pipe could become degraded. As a result, during vehicle operation, fuel could leak past the gasket and pose a fire risk, Toyota said.

Toyota added it isn't aware of any fires, crashes, injuries or fatalities caused by this condition. To resolve the problem, Lexus dealers will repair the gasket seating surface of the fuel delivery pipe where the fuel pressure sensor is installed, replace the gasket with a new one, and re-install the fuel pressure sensor.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet