Photo: A. Duie Pyle

Photo: A. Duie Pyle

A. Duie Pyle, a provider of asset and non-asset based transportation and supply chain solutions, has announced the opening a new transportation service center in Baltimore, Md. The nearly 33,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility will support the company’s less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) services in the Baltimore/Washington corridor. The centerwill initially bring 65 jobs to the area.

The Baltimore location features Pyle’s latest technology designed to streamline and accelerate the movement of freight from pickup to delivery. Energy efficient systems have been installed for lighting, heat and air conditioning, and the building’s interior and exterior lights will be controlled by occupancy sensors and photo cells. This all-weather facility is designed to operate even in extreme weather emergencies with its own power generating and snow removal capabilities.

“This new 60-door service center allows us to better serve our existing and future LTL and TL clients,” noted Peter Latta, Chairman and CEO of Pyle. “Our infrastructure expansion supports our growth and continuing commitment to our many customers in Maryland and northern Virginia.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet