Photo of Transit cutaway courtesy of Ford.

Photo of Transit cutaway courtesy of Ford.

Ford will offer cutaway van models of its E-Series as well as its 2015 Transit, but doesn't view the move as competing with itself, because the offerings compete in different weight classes.

Ford is phasing out its venerable E-Series cargo and passenger van this year to make way for Transit models it has sold in Europe for nearly five decades. Ford will continue to produce the E-450 cutaway in addition to introducing a Transit cutaway. Ford will offer the two versions until the end of 2019, Chris Brewer, the vehicle's chief engineer, told Automotive Fleet during a Sept. 11 visit with editors.

The two cutaways are complementary offerings because they offer different GVWR ranges. The E-450 cutaway accommodates up to 14,500 pounds, while the Transit cutaway accommodates up to 10,360 pounds, Brewer said.

Ford is offering its Transit in 58 configurations in cargo, passenger, cutaway, and chassis cab models with three body lengths, two wheelbases, and three roof heights.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet