Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett announced $4 million dollars in alternative fuel incentive grants will be awarded to 33 local governments, non-profits organizations and companies switching to compressed natural gas, propane or electric for medium to light-weight fleet vehicles.

The funding will help pay for the conversion or purchase of 274 natural gas vehicles, 261 propane vehicles, and 23 plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles. With an additional 24 fueling stations soon to be added, the state will have nearly 60 stations to support the vehicles, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Bimbo Bakeries received $789,000 to convert 81 of its delivery vehicles to CNG. UPS received $250,000 to convert 50 of its delivery trucks to propane. FedEd and Skytop received two grants to convert 30 delivery vans to CNG for $150,000.

The department also awarded $1.8 million in funding from the Alternative Fuel Vehicles to Improve Air Quality (AFIG) program to four innovative alternative fuel technology projects. EC Power is transitioning its patented ACB Li-ion cell technology from early stage prototyping to pilot production for electric vehicles. The company will test all climate battery cells and cell designs to increase cell energy density for EVs. REV LNG is constructing the first micro liquefied natural gas production plant in the eastern part of the country for $800,000. The company will produce 50,000 gallons of LNG per day.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet