VIDEO: How to Escape a Car Sinking in Water

Unfortunately, it doesn't just happen in the movies. Each year, an average of 300 Americans die in vehicles submerged in water. Losing control of a vehicle is always a dangerous and stressful situation, regardless of the cause. But when this occurs near a body of water, the scenario often requires a lightning-quick response.

Here’s a video segment from "Good Morning America" that takes you through the steps of how to escape a submerged car safely. You may want to pass this tip along to fleet drivers.

To help remember the procedure, drivers can memorize the acronym POGO:

  • Pop the seat belt
  • Open the window
  • Get Out!

To view the video, click on the photo or link under the headline.

To view another video that tells the story of how a Canadian family escaped a sinking car after a distracted-driving mishap, click on the photo or link below.

VIDEO: Window-Smashing Tool a Lifesaver After Distracted-Driving Mishap

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet