Photo of 2015 F-150 courtesy of Ford.

Photo of 2015 F-150 courtesy of Ford.

Ford engineers have implemented several improvements to the 2015 F-150 pickup truck that should improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle and improve fuel efficiency, according to Ford.

Several design improvements developed through wind tunnel testing help the truck gain greater efficiency, including a flush-mounted windshield, tailgate top that functions as a spoiler, a narrower cargo box, rear corners angled so air breaks off cleanly, and a duct under the headlamp that channels air through the wheel housing to reduce the wake from the wheel.

“Testing in the wind tunnel helped us fine-tune a happy medium between styling, aerodynamics, engineering and cost,” said Brad Richards, the F-150's exterior design manager. “We learned where we could push shape and design to reduce drag, and where to stop when we weren’t gaining anything.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet