Photo courtesy of Volvo.

Photo courtesy of Volvo.

Volvo has released the first exterior photo of its redesigned XC90 luxury mid-size SUV and provided more details about its new automotive platform called Scalable Product Architecture (SPA).

Volvo will launch the 2015 XC90 in Sweden by the end of the month with SPA, which has been under development for four years and will provide the automaker with a versatile platform for new safety features, connected car technologies and alternative powertrains, according to Volvo.

"SPA gives us a fresh technological start. Around 90 per cent of the components in the all-new XC90 and upcoming models are new and unique." said Peter Mertens, Volvo's senior vice president of research and development. "We are raising the bar to the very top of the premium league when it comes to quality and technology level in every vital area."

The new SPA chassis reduces weight and improves weight distribution, and eliminates design limitations in areas such as wheelbase, overhang, vehicle height, and height of the front, according to Volvo.

SPA is leading the automaker toward developing its first battery-electric or gasoline hybrid vehicles. The new platform enables Volvo to integrate electrification throughout the platform and accommodate the bulk of a battery pack.

Volvo also released a photo of the front end of the XC90 with T-shaped running lights it's calling "Thor's Hammer."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet