Photo of 2015 Ford Transit van courtesy of Ford.

Photo of 2015 Ford Transit van courtesy of Ford.

Ford Motor Co. is issuing three separate recalls, one of which affects 1,319 2015 model-year Transit cargo vans that might have a brake fluid leak, Reuters reports.

The potential brake fluid leak, located at the joint between the rear brake hose and brake caliper, could result in extended stopping distances.

Ford dealers will replace sealing washers on the rear brake caliper-to-brake hose joints to remedy the problem. Most of the affected vans – about 1,279 – were sold in the U.S. Twenty-nine were sold in Canada, while 11 were sold in U.S. territories, Reuters reported.

The second recall involves 610 2015-MY Transit cargo vans whose sliding doors might become unlatched during a side-impact crash. The doors were assembled without epoxy reinforcement. To fix the problem, dealers will install a reinforcement plate, Reuters reported. About 585 of these vans were sold in the U.S., 18 in Canada and seven in U.S. territories.

A total of 145 Transit vans are being recalled for both issues, Reuters reported.

The third recall covers 1,274 2015-MY Lincoln MKC SUVs that may have bubbles or other defects in the windshields, which could affect driver visibility. This recall involves 1,139 SUVs sold in the U.S., 117 in Canada and 18 in Mexico.

No injuries have been linked to these problems. Ford dealers will make the repairs free of charge.

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