Enterprise Fleet Management has partnered with Geotab to enhance its fleet management services for business customers. With Geotab, Enterprise can integrate GPS tracking technology into its Enterprise Telematics fleet monitoring solution, says the company.

Enterprise Telematics is a web-based application that helps businesses manage their fleet operations in real time to optimize fleet use, routing, logistics, engine diagnostics and safety, says the company. Enabled by a small device equipped in each fleet vehicle, the application captures diagnostic and location data whenever the vehicle is in use.

With Geotab, Enterprise Telematics can be customized with options, including dispatching or a driver ID check-in mechanism, as well as the ability to integrate with a business' existing fleet management software, according to Enterprise Fleet Management.

"Partnering with Geotab gives fleet managers the necessary visibility into how their fleets are actually operating in the field," said Steve Bloom, president, Enterprise Fleet Management. "With these new insights and features, they can better optimize their fleets, saving money through reduced fuel consumption, more efficient use and improved safety."

Enterprise Telematics is supported through a partnership with Sprint, Strategic Telecom Solutions and Geotab.