Photo of 2010 Dodge Journey courtesy of Chrysler Group.

Photo of 2010 Dodge Journey courtesy of Chrysler Group.

Chrysler Group is expanding a previous safety recall to address an ignition switch defect similar to the one that's triggered General Motors recalls.

The new Chrysler recall affects 2009-2010 model-year Dodge Journey vehicles and 2008-2010 MY Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported. The agency’s recent investigation found that the ignition switch defect can inadvertently deactivate air bags.

Chrysler Group said its dealers will install a more robust WIN module detent ring to resolve the problem.

The previous recall in early 2011 included vehicles built from Aug. 2, 2009, through June 17, 2010. The newly announced expansion covers vehicles manufactured from Jan. 29, 2007, through Aug. 1, 2009, Chrysler said.

Chrysler Group said it is unaware of any injuries linked to the problem in the group of newly recalled vehicles.

If a vehicle is traveling and encounters a jarring event – rough road conditions, for example – the ignition switch can unintentionally move out of the “run” position to the “off” or “accessory” positions. This prompts the engine to turn off, which in turn cuts off power to the air bags, power steering and power braking.

Until recall repairs are completed, vehicle owners need to remove all items from their car key ring except the ignition key, NHTSA said.

Chrysler Group estimated 525,206 vehicles in the U.S. will be involved in the recall expansion. The recall will cover an additional 102,892 vehicles in Canada, 25,591 in Mexico and 42,268 outside the NAFTA region.

Chrysler’s number for the recall is L25. Chrysler Group can be reached at 1-800-853-1403.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet