Datsun has returned to South Africa, the fourth market where the brand is being launched, alongside India, Indonesia, and Russia. With the launch of the brand in South Africa Datsun is finalizing the initial phase of its return to the global market.

Datsun said it brings with it a global heritage and reputation for durable, attractive, and trustworthy vehicles. More than 20 million Datsuns were sold around the world over the course of 20th century and the brand grew to iconic status in South Africa up to the 1980s, where it was No. 1 selling brand in 1976 – 1978, according to the automaker.

Datsun will introduce in South Africa the Datsun GO hatchback designed to exceed aspirations of a generation of first-time new car buyers, ambitious successful people turning their desires into reality – a group Datsun said it calls "the Risers."

Datsun GO will go on sale towards the end of the year. Datsun aims to bring the car in a price segment below R 100 000, making it a real value proposition for first time new car buyers.

Sales and service will be initially established through a network of 30 Datsun fully branded dealerships throughout South Africa. The number of dealerships will be doubled in mid-term.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet