More than 40 utility and telecommunications companies have been identified by Automotive Fleet as being among this year’s Top 300 Commercial Fleets in the U.S., with telecom fleets taking up half the spotlight in the top 10.

Some highlights include:

#2: Coming in after UPS as the second largest fleet for 2014 is AT&T, with a reported 73,330 total vehicles in its fleet (primarily Class 1-2 trucks).

#3: Following AT&T at No. 3 for this year is Comcast Corp., with a reported 34,611 vehicles in its fleet, most of which are vans.

#4: With a little less than 2,000 vehicles behind Comcast is Verizon, which reported 32,695 vehicles for 2014. A good chunk of the fleet is made up of vans, along with a mix between Class 1-6 trucks.

#6: Time Warner Cable ranks as the sixth largest fleet, with 18,897 vehicles total for this year. More than half the fleet is comprised of vans.

#9: With 12,012 vehicles in its fleet, Cox Enterprises ranks as the ninth largest fleet this year. The majority of the fleet is made up of SUVs and Class 1-2 trucks.

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These same companies also rank in the top 10 for the Top 100 Truck Fleets for 2014, as well as the Top 50 Green Fleets.

Although its fleet operations may not be the largest telecom company on the top 300, as far as green operations go, Comcast’s total number of green vehicles exceeds the rest, earning it the No. 2 spot on the Top 50 Green Fleets and being the largest green fleet out of all the utility and telecom companies on the list (10,469 models classified as green vehicles).