Photo via Will Merydith/Flickr.

Photo via Will Merydith/Flickr.

People who text while driving incur the most anger, according to the 2014 Road Rage Report survey released by Expedia ahead of the Memorial Day weekend.

Nearly seven in 10 of those surveyed consider The Texter as the most annoying driving behavior, followed by The Tailgater (60 percent), The Multi-tasker (54 percent), The Drifter (43 percent), and The Crawler (39 percent).

Other annoying behaviors included The Swerver (38 percent), The Left-Lane Hog (32 percent), The Inconsiderate (30 percent), The Speeder (27 percent), The Honker (18 percent), The Unappreciative (13 percent), and The Red Light Racer (12 percent). The Inconsiderate doesn't let others merge, while The Unappreciative doesn't wave or give a gesture of thanks.

The study also found that 69 percent of American drivers report say they have been "flipped off," while only 17 percent admitted doing so themselves.

The report listed numerous other findings, including the fact that 55 percent of Americans admit to using their mobile phone at least some of the time while driving; the rudest drivers are found in the largest cities; Americans are generally pessimistic about gasoline prices; Americans treat their rental cars better than their own cars; and mobile apps have replaced printed maps.

The Expedia-comissioned study was completed by Northstar, a research firm that contacted 1,001 Americans with a valid driver's license. The margin or error was listed as +/- 3.1 percent.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet