Altec engineering has made several improvements to the derrick remote control system to provide more ease and comfort. These radio controls allow complete control of all derrick functions including pole guide, winch, and digger from any location at the job site. When attached to a platform, the radio unit can be used as upper controls without running mechanical controls to the boom tip, allowing a greater boom capacity and smaller working envelope, according to the company.

Some additional features of the new system include:

  • Hydraulic Overload Protection indicator lights allow the operator to know the precise load on the unit in real time. Lights flash in capacity increments of 25, 50, 75 and 100 percent to help decrease the chances of the HOP alarm system from being activated while operating within its capacities.
  • Hydraulic Overload Protection vibrating alarm activates as operator approaches 100 percent capacity.
  • A new remote featuring a larger working envelope with a new style of push-to-operate joysticks provides the user with plenty of room for precision and accuracy, even while wearing gloves.

Radio control updates are available on the following new derrick models:*

*HOP indicator options available on new Altec units only.


To find out more about retrofitting options for your unit, please contact an Altec representative online for more information.

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