Photo courtesy of Adrian Steel.

Photo courtesy of Adrian Steel.

Adrian Steel has released an upfit package for the Ram ProMaster full-size van designed for locksmiths that includes a key machine base that elevates.

The Ram ProMaster locksmith interior features an 84-inch workbench surface, two #9 four-drawer shallows, two #19 two-drawer mediums, a #40H locking wheel-well cover cabinet, and a #17A shelf catalog file.

The interior also features a drawer cabinet module with a #9 four-drawer shallow, two #12 locking cabinets, a #19 two-drawer medium, a #40H locking wheel-well cover cabinet, and a #43 three-shelf catalog file.

The system uses Adrian Steel's Lock 'n Latch system that allows users to keep the drawers open, closed and unlocked, or closed and locked. Cabinets come with locking recessed tee-handles for secure storage and a durable gray power-coat finish.

The locksmith interior also includes a complete partition with a hinged, locking door between the cab and cargo areas. For more information, visit the Adrian Steel website here.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet