Photo: Alliance AutoGas

Photo: Alliance AutoGas

Alliance AutoGas has announced that its new Fuel Management Dispenser System is now available to fleet customers. The new dispenser system, called the T3MR Fleet Fuel Management System, provides numerous enhancements including a card reader system, data management, real-time communications and a world leading ultra low-emission fueling nozzle. The system will provide fleet managers with the ability to better monitor and control fuel inventories in real time, according to Alliance AutoGas.

The Alliance AutoGas T3MR Fleet Fuel Management System is based on industry platforms Comdata, Superior Energy Systems and global ATM manufacturer Triton Systems. The unit integrates cellular-based communications, a simple user interface in a clean design dispenser cabinet with reliable hardware and offers remotely upgradable software, a ticket printer and customizable reporting for fleets of all sizes, according to the company.

The T3MR Ccommunications Platform connects the dispensers via cellular wireless internet with multi- level user security and 24/7 monitoring. Minimal additional infrastructure requirements will be needed at the fueling site, providing a fleet manager comprehensive user-friendly reporting, and a highly available data and processing function utilizing a widely used and accepted payment platform.

“Previously, the propane autogas fueling experience for fleets has been less than optimal as no centralized fueling authorization platform has been available,” noted Stuart Weidie, president of Alliance AutoGas. “The fleets associated with Alliance AutoGas will now have the option of not only having access to real-time management data but also the security that vehicle operators will be using the safest autogas nozzle in the world – the Staubli which emits only 0.4 cc’s of fuel when disconnecting. We are pleased to be able to bring this technology to our fleets.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet