ARI published a utility fleet management case study detailing how successful supply chain process improvements saved $378,000 for the regulated energy company NiSource.

In order for NiSource to deliver natural gas and electricity to nearly four million customers, the company prioritizes processes to ensure that new vehicles are acquired on time and are road ready. NiSource aligned each step of its acquisition process with the tools available in the ARI Insights system to completely automate its order requests and approvals.

“As a fleet management company, our goal is to complement a utility’s existing fleet operation,” commented ARI Director of Sales Support Rob Hoysgaard. “We provided the resources and the technology to help the NiSource fleet team stretch its budget dollars and get the most out of their fleet.”

With ARI’s support, NiSource reduced administrative costs by $39,000 as the amount of manual work diminished. The company also achieved ancillary savings of $339,000 relative to reduced maintenance and fuel expenses.

This utility fleet management case study, NiSource Energizes Process Management to Generate Customer Satisfaction, is available for download from the ARI corporate website: and a webinar featuring the case study is planned for May 13 at 11:00 a.m. EDT. Interested participants can register for the webinar by visiting:

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet