Transport company McAleese has announced the purchase of logistics company WA Freight Group in a share sale and purchase agreement worth AUS$15.4 million, according to a report by the Western Australian.

The company, which owns a fleet of prime movers and trailers, hauls freight across the country for retailers, print suppliers, food and beverage companies, light manufacturers and the oil and gas and mining sectors. It employs 250 people and has annual revenue of about AUS$90 million. WA Freight Group has an established and diverse customer base, with strategically located facilities and experienced personnel, according to the report.

McAleese expects to invest an additional AUS$5 to AUS$7 million in the company to upgrade assets and better position the business for growth, according to the report.

WA Freight Group was founded in 1991 as WA Frieghtlines before merging with Jolly's Transport and Jetstyle Express in 2004.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet