Assured Telematics, Inc., (ATI) has introduced the first App Center designed specifically for fleets utilizing Geotab's web-based (SaaS) MyGeotab fleet management software platform. The initial offering features seven valuable apps that are easily accessed from directly within client's personal MyGeotab portal.

These seven effective apps promise to further enhance fleet managers abilities to improve safety, manage and reduce fuel consumption, visualization of virtually any data source, detecting driver initiated and power loss unplug events, installing devices, initial set up,  increase productivity and decrease maintenance cost, within the fleet.

These new apps include the Fuel BI Fuel Card Integration offering daily reporting of fuel transactions with comparisons to help reduce fuel consumption and stop overages, Maps BI Business Intelligence providing direct incoming data from vehicles' on-board computers for more streamlined management decisions, and Unplugged delivering detailed information of unplug events discerning between a true unplug event and one caused by power loss.

The Unplugged App also resolves often unanswered questions including whether or not the device remains in the same vehicle from which it was unplugged, if a vehicle has been driven while unplugged, and when and where the device was unplugged.

Also among the new apps is the Install Assist which monitors each account for new installs and automatically updates the new devices with detailed specifications completing every install order quickly and efficiently. Proximity XL, Heat Map XL and Rewind XL offer an extension to the original Geotab apps, each enhanced and able to handle the needs of the smallest fleet to the largest. Each is designed for optimum desktop to mobile view and the Rewind XL provides a more visual approach allowing fleet managers the ability to virtually view the route and route path.

Assured Telematics is excited about the addition of this innovative App Center to the MyGeotab technology. ATI's goal is to deliver state-of-the-art technology and indispensable expertise while delivering cost savings and operational improvement to their clients; and the new My Geotab App Center is just another way for Assured Telematics to achieve this goal. The My Geotab portal with its new app center continues to increase the ability of fleet managers and owners to view strategic safety, production, fuel and maintenance activities in real-time or historically.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet