Quick Fuel recently purchased Comdata’s fuel site controller, known as SmartSight, for all of its retail locations and added Comdata’s SmartQ radio frequency identification (RFID)-based technology to offer an extra level of speed and security to the fuel transaction process, according to the company.

Comdata, a provider of technology for the fuel industry, introduced its SmartSight equipment for unattended fueling sites last year. SmartSight processes diesel, gasoline, and natural gas transactions from fleet, retail, and proprietary fueling cards and allows fuel site owners to remain in communication with the fuel site. SmartSight provides the ability to monitor transaction data and pump controls in real time, and manage site maintenance remotely through a robust Web portal, setting it apart from most other site controller systems, according to Quick Fuel.

For Quick Fuel, SmartSight is not only a powerful technological solution for processing transactions and managing fueling sites, but it is also a product that fits the company’s business model. Quick Fuel said its automated stations are designed to get drivers in, refueled and back on the road in less than 10 minutes.

In addition to processing transactions quickly, SmartSight processes fueling transactions securely as well. The card reader equipment meets industry security standards, while an integrated camera function allows site owners to view customer images as the card is swiped to identify potentially fraudulent users when necessary, according to Quick Fuel.

Quick Fuel added an additional layer of security at their sites by connecting Comdata’s SmartQ product to the SmartSight devices installed at the Quick Fuel fueling locations. SmartQ uses RFID waves to read tags programmed with fuel card data and affixed in drivers’ windshields to initiate the fueling transaction. Because the tag must be in range of the SmartQ antenna, transactional accuracy is ensured and fraud risk is reduced.

Quick Fuel has more than 50 automated fueling locations across the country. SmartSight will be installed in these locations by July 1, 2014.