Photo credit: Zubie

Photo credit: Zubie 

Tailored for fleet monitoring, the Zubie Business device plugs directly into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) port and uses Zubie’s AlwaysSmart technology (always on and always connected), says the company. The technology allows monitoring of vehicle location, activity and diagnostics without requiring any driver interaction.

Features such as engine diagnostics, vehicle maintenance, fuel cost calculations and enhanced driver safety can deliver cost savings and efficiencies for customers, says the company.

"This solution is ideal for any small- to mid-size business with fleet cars," said Tim Kelly, Zubie chief executive officer. "The owners and leaders of these companies are deeply invested in the safety of their drivers and minimizing operational costs, but they are put off by the costs and installation complexities of traditional fleet solutions. Zubie presents a much more compelling option for them that is significantly less expensive, can be installed in seconds and provides the iPhone-age user experience that they're used to."

Zubie's monitoring solution is $12.50 a month and requires no installation fees, according to the company.

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