States are stepping up their efforts when it comes to targeting drivers who skip paying tolls.

Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire have agreed to crack down on those who blow through toll booths, while a federal deadline is drawing closer mandating toll agencies have technology in place to work together, which will likely help toll collections efforts, according to

The end result, in addition to getting bills from out of state toll agencies, could be drivers getting license renewals blocked and truck owners not able to renew their registrations in their home state.

The developments come as more states are adopting all electronic tolling, allowing truckers to four-wheelers to breeze through toll collections points using a transponder in each vehicle or the toll agency billing vehicle owners based on information gathered from license plates.

While this has helped reduce long lines at toll booths this has also led to an increase in the number of people who aren’t paying tolls and are likely never getting caught.

Such a scenario was illustrated earlier this week with several published reports highlighting a huge increase in unpaid tolls along the Henry Hudson Bridge in New York following the elimination of cash tolls.

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Originally posted on Automotive Fleet