Photo of high-roof 2015 Transit courtesy of Ford.

Photo of high-roof 2015 Transit courtesy of Ford.

Ford Motor Co. will roll out its new full-size 2015 Transit van in at least four phases starting in June with three versions based on the long wheelbase, Ford fleet executives said Wednesday at an advance planning meeting.

The order bank for the Transit, which will replace the E-Series van, opened earlier this month, and production of Ford's largest commercial vehicle launch will begin in April at its Kansas City, Mo., assembly plant.

In June, Ford is delivering the initial versions of the Transit, which will be offered in 62 configurations. The van will be available in three roof heights, two wheelbase lengths, and regular- and extended-length body styles. Initial long-wheelbase vehicles will include two high-roof versions and a medium-roof version.

The second wave will arrive in July and will include the medium-roof long wheelbase wagon, high-roof long wheelbase wagon, and high-roof jumbo wagon.

In August, a third wave will include two low-roof models with medium and long wheelbases. Ford will also offer a cutaway, chassis cab, and medium-roof medium wheelbase van and passenger wagon.

Fritz Ahadi, Ford's general manager of commercial and government operations, gave a presentation about the vehicle at Ford's 2015 Model Year Advance Product Meeting in Irvine, Calif., on March 19.

Editor's note: View a photo gallery of the exterior and interior configurations here.

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