Utilimarc, a leading provider of fleet analytics and reporting software, announced the launch of its new Fleet Analytics Platform early this month. This integrated platform provides a variety of tools that allow fleet managers to track and improve their fleet performance through benchmarking, KPI tracking and telematics solutions.

The Fleet Analytics Platform also offers tools for right-sizing technician staffing levels and developing a vehicle replacement strategy.

“For the first time, fleet managers will be able to combine their siloed data to truly understand every aspect of their fleet operation and access all the analytics they need in one location,” said founding partner Chris Shaffer. “Our Platform allows fleet managers to answer the questions: How do I compare to my peers? When should I replace my vehicles? How many technicians do I need? How do I develop and track monthly KPIs?”

Utilimarc has provided the fleet industry with software and technology solutions for more than 15 years.

For more information on Utilimarc and the Fleet Analytics Platform, visit www.utilimarc.com.